Chemotherapy Specialist in Aurangabad

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chemotherapy specialist in Aurangabad
Chemotherapy Specialist in Aurangabad

What is Chemotherapy?-

Chemotherapy is a drug treatment that uses strong chemicals to destroy the body’s fast-growing cells.

Chemotherapy is most often used to treat cancer because cancer cells expand and multiply much faster than the rest of the body’s cells.

Many different chemotherapy drugs are available. Chemotherapy drugs can be used to treat a wide range of cancers, either alone or in combination.

Chemotherapy is an effective treatment for many forms of cancer, but it also comes with a risk of side effects. Some chemotherapy side effects are minor and treatable, while others may be life-threatening.

Why it's done-

Chemotherapy is a treatment that kills cancer cells in patients.

Chemotherapy can be used in a number of situations in cancer patients, including:

  • To cure cancer without the use of any other treatments. Chemotherapy can be used to treat cancer as a primary or sole treatment.
  • To destroy hidden cancer cells after other therapies have failed. Chemotherapy may be used to destroy any cancer cells that remain in the body following other procedures, such as surgery. This is referred to as adjuvant therapy by doctors.
  • To get you ready for other treatments. Chemotherapy can shrink a tumour enough for other therapies like radiation and surgery to be considered. This is referred to as neoadjuvant therapy by doctors.
  • To reduce the severity of signs and symptoms. Chemotherapy can help reduce cancer signs and symptoms by killing certain cancer cells. This is referred to as palliative chemotherapy by doctors.
chemotherapy specialist in Aurangabad

What are the possible benefits of chemotherapy?-

  • Depending on the type of cancer or other disease and how advanced it is, chemotherapy may:

  • Cure the disease to the point where no disease cells can be measured.

  • Keep the disease from spreading or growing by controlling it.

  • While living with cancer or another disease, relieving symptoms can help you feel more at ease and improve your quality of life.