Immunotherapy Specialist in Aurangabad

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immunotherapy specialist in Aurangabad
Immunotherapy Specialist in Aurangabad

What is immunotherapy?

  • Our immune system is used in immunotherapy to fight cancer. It aids the immune system in recognizing and attacking cancer cells.
  • Immunotherapy may be used alone or in combination with other cancer therapies.
  • Immunotherapy is a common treatment option for certain cancers, such as melanoma that have spread. It’s even being tested for other cancers.
  • Immunotherapy comes in a variety of forms. Monoclonal antibodies, checkpoint inhibitors, and vaccines are examples of these. Immunotherapy is also known as a targeted treatment or biological therapy in some cases.

The immune system and immunotherapy

Our immune system works to keep us safe from infections, illnesses, and diseases. It also has the potential to protect us from the development of cancer.

The lymph glands, spleen, and white blood cells are all part of the immune system. It can normally detect and kill defective cells in the body, preventing cancer from developing. However, cancer can grow if:

  • While the immune system recognizes cancer cells, it is not powerful enough to destroy them.
  • Cancer cells send out signals that prevent the immune system from destroying them.
  • Cancer cells hide from the immune system or manage to avoid detection.
  • Immunotherapy aids the immune system in the battle against cancer.
  • Immunotherapy therapies come in a variety of forms. These help our immune system in recognizing and attacking cancer cells in various ways.
immunotherapy specialist in Aurangabad

Types of immunotherapy

  • monoclonal antibodies
  • checkpoint inhibitors
  • vaccines
  • cytokines
  • CAR-T cell therapy.

What Are the Benefits?

There are several reasons why your doctor can recommend immunotherapy to you:

    • Immunotherapy can be effective when other therapies have failed. Some cancers (such as skin cancer) do not react well to radiation or chemotherapy, but after immunotherapy, they begin to Go away.
    • It has the potential to improve the efficacy of other cancer therapies. If you already have immunotherapy, your other therapies, such as chemotherapy, will work better.
    • Compared to other therapies, it has fewer side effects. This is because it just affects the immune system and not all of the body’s cells.
    • It’s possible that cancer won’t come back. Your immune system learns to go after cancer cells if they reappear after immunotherapy. This is known as immune memory, and it has the potential to help you remain cancer-free for a longer period of time.