Metronomic Therapy Specialist in Aurangabad

Dr. Anup Toshniwal is one of the best Metronomic Therapy Specialists in Aurangabad. He has a Huge Experience in Metronomic Therapy Treatment. He is recognized as a Leading oncologist in Aurangabad.

Chemotherapy Specialist in Aurangabad
chemotherapy specialist in Aurangabad

What is Metronomic Therapy?

It is a chemotherapy approach which consists in administering drugs at a low dosage, almost on a daily basis. An oncology patient is treated with an oral therapy, with a frequency of once a day to two/three times a week. The neoplasia being continuously exposed to the drugs, not only has a direct toxic effect on the tumoral cells, but also on their micro-environment, as it inhibits the neoplastic angiogenesis, which in other words means the mechanism of development of new blood vessels, responsible for tumour growth and metastases.

For which kind of tumours is it recommended?

Its efficacy is indicated in certain types of breastlung tumourslymphomas and pediatric neoplasms and in other tumours at an advanced stage. The main data related to metronomic chemotherapy is available for breast cancer, whether it is at an initial stage, as maintenance, after a standard precautionary therapy, or for an advanced stage, when there is presence of distant sites.

Metronomic therapy represents a treatment strategy, which permits to prolong tumour control, that often achieves a temporarily stop of the tumour and metastases’ growth.